Selling a Home

What would you say is your primary motivation for selling your home?

Sell to Buy

“We want to buy a different property, whether a move up, a downsize.”

It would be helpful to know whether we need to sell before purchasing a new home or if we can look to buy our next dream home before we list!

Sell to Relocate

“We would like to move out of Calgary to work, live or retire.”

Being hooked up with realtors in your referral network that you know and trust to help us with our purchase, while at the same time having a valuation and sales strategy put together on our current home would be amazing.


“We would like to divest from one or more of our properties in our real estate portfolio.”

We may want to reinvest in a different product or area or cash out! Not sure which property presents the best opportunity or what we may net in a sale if we hit the market in the near term? Is it even the right time in the market to divest? Let’s get you more information.

Divorce or

“I am recently separated and am looking for more information and options on selling our current property and a quick and smooth transition to a new property.”

It is sometimes nice to have someone be able to be the buffer between two parties but still equally representative of both when it comes to their financial interests tied up in their joint assets. Also someone you can count on get you set up with additional financing options for recently separated parties and help you seek out and purchase your next home to start a new chapter in.

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