About Doug Cabral + Co

Hey there! Let me give you a quick snapshot to pique your interest. I’m a Calgary native, blessed with wonderful parents, a fantastic brother and sister who are more like friends, and I’m a proud dad to a little champ named Reece. My rock in life is my amazing wife, Rachel, and let’s not forget our furry companion, aptly named Rogue, the duck-toller.

Beyond family, I thrive on travel, live music, all things sports and strengthening bonds with friends and family. Entrepreneurship runs in my blood—I launched my first venture before college and have since built and sold multiple businesses. Now, I’ve found my passion in real estate, where I get to be authentically me.

I’m that guy who’s always down for a chat about real estate, eager to meet new people and foster connections. As a real estate agent, I prioritize empowering my clients with knowledge to navigate property transactions strategically. Advocating fiercely for them, I thrive on problem-solving and ensuring their financial and lifestyle needs are met.

What I love most about my work is uniting like-minded individuals, cultivating a network of genuine friendships. I’m deeply grateful for the reciprocal relationships that drive us to grow together and support one another.


Our mission is to redefine the conventional role of a real estate agent by prioritizing the cultivation of enduring relationships and achieving collective success. We are dedicated to empowering clients in the pursuit of their personal and financial goals through thoughtful and strategic real estate planning, advice, marketing, and negotiation.


Fueling my passion for real estate, I endeavor to perpetuate growth and invest in my most cherished asset—relationships. Simultaneously, I aspire to create a fulfilling life by sharing the success with my family and friends.

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