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Let’s start off with a simple truth: It’s a really good life, and I am truly grateful for everyone in my life. I say everyone over everything because experiences shared with people trumps everything for me.

All that encompasses ‘Place’ is now atop people’s decision tree when it comes to where they choose to work, choose to play and even raise a family. It’s not all about the money anymore, there are many other aspects of ‘Place’ that factor in people’s decisions on where to call home. It is easy to sell something you believe in, and I love my beautiful, clean, young, vibrant and the resilient City of Calgary.

I have been an entrepreneur since as long as I can remember and love to support local businesses because of it. My twenty entrepreneurial years have brought me through college, helped me establish so many great business relationships with like-minded people and have allowed me to gain so much first-hand knowledge. Learning from mistakes, hustling towards no guarantees and yes celebrating successes even the small ones.

I have at times been referred to, as a gatherer of people. I am fortunate to be surrounded by so many great friends, family, colleagues, and clients, who eventually become friends. I have enjoyed leading a local charity here in YYC for the last decade. I have player coached soccer and volleyball teams since I was in my early twenties. If I see someone investing themselves in a cause in their community, I will be one of the first to rally behind it.

You’re just as likely to find me out with a client or friend discussing life and plans over a beer as you are to find me in the office discussing valuations, strategy, and numbers. I may be around the corner in a coffee shop or hitting up a walk in the dog park whilst meeting up with a new client or just catch up with an old friend. Sometimes I just can’t sit still and have to be moving which is probably why I share a passion for concerts, excursions and travel with my wife and best friend Rachel.

I love Real Estate – I love that everyone loves to talk about real estate. I am competitive, so whether on the soccer pitch or strategically battling it out in negotiations, I enjoy the challenge. The Real Estate business changes all the time, whether the product, the market or the clients. The result is, it keeps me on my toes, it keeps things fresh, it keeps me learning and it drives my passion forward! Still reading?? Let’s continue this chat in person and find out more about you!

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