What type of investor are you?
Whether you are looking to expand your current real estate portfolio or if you’re looking for your first investment property and need help becoming a landlord, we’ve got you covered.

My First

I have some equity or capital saved up and would like to discuss what options are out there for me and how to get set up as a landlord!

What is the right property to buy based on my buying capacity, my capital and the current opportunities that exist in the local market? You’re new to the game, set you up for success and further growth!


In the event you are wanting to divest to move money elsewhere. Maybe it is a different product type or in a different area, or you’re cashing in.

Which property may net you the best return and will help you achieve the best results in the current market?

Vacation Rental or AirBnB

I am looking to purchase a property that I will be renting on a short-term basis. I may possibly use this property for recreational purposes with friends and family as well. 

Lets get you set up with a realtor in your areas of interest that will be able to help seek out the best opportunities and make sure that the area, municipality, or development is property zoned or is permitted for short term rentals. If in Calgary what may be the best income opportunities that exist here close to home? What are the different marketing and management platforms to use for these short term rentals and how do we get started?

Savvy Investor
with Capital

I/we have a real estate portfolio or larger investment portfolio already and are looking for opportunities in the Calgary market to grow our portfolio in real estate. We may be interested in multi-unit properties, fix and flips or new developments.

We would seek out and send you opportunities in the Calgary and area market that match the type and size of investment you are looking for? Are you looking for cash-flow or appreciation? What are the best lots to buy for future builds or developments? Or what products price range and area presents the best ROI on a fix and flip?

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