Buying a Home

What type of buyer are you?
Just so we can make sure to point you towards a search page that has information that is most relevant and of value to you while you search.

First Time
Home Buyer

“I have either never purchased a property before or it has been quite some time since my last purchase and I’d like to be prepared.”

Preparation is key and the more information you have on the buying process, the qualification and financing, the closing costs and what you can get for your budget will relieve stress and make for a more enjoyable experience.

Move Up

“We have some equity, we’ve outgrown our current home or we’d like to level up on our next purchase!”

It is important to have an idea where you may like to go and what product and budget range you would like to be in all while curating a plan to get there. So more information on a valuation for your current property, your timing, bridge financing options, and your buying capacity to help determine whether you need to sell before you buy, or if you can purchase and then sell you property.

Recreation or
Second Home

“We want to buy a second property for our personal, recreational or family use.”

Whether you’re looking for a recreational property locally or abroad, we have a large Royal LePage trusted referral network that will work with us to help get you the best information for your search. Or you may be purchasing a second home for a family member or kid going to school.


“We would like to move to a new property that is one or more of the following: Smaller, one-level, maintenance free living, less expensive or assisted living.”

Whether you have lived in your home for 5 years or 30 years, the process continually changes in both buying and selling. Sometimes we are working with the homeowner and sometimes we are working with them and their closest family or friends to ensure a smooth transition and to next steps them through the entire process.

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