Whether arriving or leaving the city, our experience will make the difference.

Coming to YYC

Curious about Calgary and thinking of making the move out West and wondering if this is the right place for you?

I am a born and raised Calgary, I have run everything from sports teams, to multiple businesses, to non-profit foundations. I have a widespread network of connections in Calgary and surrounding areas. I am very active in the social, restaurant and events scene here in YYC and work everywhere within a couple of hours of Calgary. If you have questions, we have answers. If you would like a proper tour we can do more than just view real estate. When it comes to your search we are able to communicate with you from distance to assure that you have all the information you need when considering properties and love touring out of town clients when they choose to come visit in person.”

Leaving YYC

Relocating to be closer to family, for a change of lifestyle or scenery, for University or for your career.

“While we are sad to see you leave, we’d love to be of help in making sure we connect you with one of our trusted Royal LePage realtors in the local markets you are considering a move to. I invest a lot of time, money and communications in cultivating real relationships with our fellow Pagers across Canada. We also have connections through various other networks such as Buffini and Company for realtors in the US, Mexico and Central America. Lastly we continue to communicate with you and the agent we’ve referred you to until you obtain the results you were hoping for.”

Invest in YYC

There is a good chance you have read in the media that Calgary and Alberta are poised for some fantastic years ahead in property appreciation and the trend upwards for rental incomes.

We have bought and sold real estate with investors across Canada so of whom never even made it to Calgary personally. Our ability to communicate effectively and efficiently when seeking out opportunities for our clients, showing them properties (some virtually) and our comprehensive valuations, allow for a pretty smooth buying or selling process. Our job is to help you grow your real estate portfolio with appreciating or higher cash flowing assets.

Realtor Partners
Across Canada

If you are looking for a trusted local real estate agent here in Calgary that will treat your clients, family and friends like our own, I highly suggest we connect on a virtual meet & greet.

“We communicate the entire process with you from the time we receive your referral, to when we connect with your referral, all the way through to the possession of their new property or sold property. We also have a terrific referral program and extensive referral network of trusted agents if you need a referral to a different market.”

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