Market Report – June 2024

Strong Home Sales Despite Inventory Shortages Last month experienced a slight year-over-year decline in sales, primarily due to limited inventory. However, home sales exceeded 3,000 listings, which is still very robust and nearly 35% higher than long-term averages for May. “Although new listings have increased, much of this growth is in higher price ranges for […]

Market Report – May 2024

Market Update: Price Growth Continues Amidst Calgary’s Seller’s Market Calgary’s housing market remains robust, with April sales rising by seven percent year-over-year to 2,881 units. Although the growth pace has slowed slightly, sales are still 37 percent above the long-term average for April, primarily driven by more affordable, higher-density housing options. The recent passing of […]

Market Report – April 2024

March Madness 2024 Market Report March Madness extends beyond NCAA tournaments and over to Calgary‚Äôs Real Estate Market! March sales rose to 2,664 units, a 10 per cent year-over-year gain and much higher than long-term trends. While buyers welcomed the uptick in new listings over last month, they were still below what we typically see […]

Market Report – March 2024

Despite Calgary experiencing a cold spell in February, our Real Estate Market heated up significantly! While new listings began appearing, they were met with equal or greater buyer demand. February saw sales surge nearly 25 percent year over year, largely due to the influx of new inventory. However, inventories have remained at near-historical lows as […]

Market Report – February 2024

January sees strong sales fueled by boost in new listings January sales rose to 1,650 units, a significant gain over last year’s levels and long-term trends. The growth was possible thanks to a rise in new listings totalling 2,137 units in January. New listings rose for homes priced above $300,000, but the largest gains occurred […]

Market Report – January 2024

The Calgary housing market in 2023 was characterized by strong migration and persistent low supply, contributing to robust sales and driving prices to new record highs. Despite a slight easing in sales compared to the previous year, with 27,416 transactions, levels remained significantly higher than pre-pandemic norms. Notably, there was a shift towards more affordable […]